Carsons Water Damage Restoration Process

Our Process Overview

  1. Emergency Contact / Emergency Services
  2. Assessment
  3. Water Extraction & Damage Mitigation
  4. Drying & Dehumidification
  5. Reconstruction
  6. Clean Up & Sanitation
  7. Prevention

The steps listed above are how we handle typical water damage situations. We will alter the process as needed to insure we prevent as much damage as possible and get your property restored as quickly as possible.

  1. Step 1: Emergency Contact

    When dealing with Water Damage, immediate action is critical, when you contact Carsons Restoration, our response will be fast and well planned. But it is important for property owners to take action before we arrive on scene. Please refer to our What To Do guide and make sure you follow these steps to protect your property.

    During our initial call, we will dispatch our team to your location immediately and get as much information as possible over the phone to plan an appropriate response. It is important to identify what actions need to be taken quickly, below are just some of the questions that will need answered during this call:

    • What type of flooding are we dealing with?
    • What is the extent of the flooding?
    • What type of water is it?
    • Are emergency Pack Out services required?
    • Is the flooding ongoing, or has the cause of the flooding stopped?

    Emergency Salvage & Pack Out:

    When we arrive on scene, the first step we will take is removing property that is at risk of being damaged and also damaged property that will need restoration services. We will photograph, itemize, pack and store all of these goods in a secure facility.

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  2. Step 2: Water Damage Assessment

    Emergency Inspection:

    • Visual survey of the area
    • Ensure area is safe, power is shut off as needed
    • Damage assessment & photographic documentation (this will be ongoing)
    • Identify the cause / source of water leak (if not already known)
    • Determine extent of flooding, type of water, find hidden areas, identify flooded areas
    • Plan best locations to begin rapid water extraction

    Detailed Inspection:

    After water extraction has begun and emergency flooding concerns have been addressed, a much more thorough inspection of the area can take place. During this inspection we will determine problem areas not identified in the initial walk through, and also consider potential mold problems that may develop and work to prevent them from occuring.

    Water Damage Inspection Equipment Used:

    • Infrared Cameras
    • Infrared Thermometers
    • RF Pin Meters
    • Hygrometers
    • Borescope

    Documentation & Reporting:

    Our entire assessment process will be documented in writing along with photographs. This information will be used when processing insurance claims and is a strong benefit to the property owner.

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  3. Step 3: Water Extraction & Damage Mitigation:

    Water Extraction:

    When Carsons Restoration arrives on scene in emergency situations, we work quickly to mitigate damage. Our technicians will utilize rapid water extraction equipment following best practices to limit the damage as much as possible.

    Using portable and truck mounted water extraction equipment, we can remove massive amounts of water from affected areas quickly.

    Water Extraction Equipment Used:

    Powerful Water Extraction Units, (both truck mounted and portable) perform efficient & rapid water removal / extraction.

    Heavy-duty submersible (electric or gas-powered) pumps are used for continuous pumping of high level water.

    Debris Cleanup & Property Protection:

    Once standing water has been drained off site, the next step is to clean up debris and ruined property. During this process we will also identify property that needs to be restored, such as furniture, salvageable electronic goods, clothes, and much more.

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  4. Step 4: Drying & Dehumidification:

    Water Drying:

    While the cleanup process is started, Carsons Restoration will immediately begin to Dry and Dehumidify the affected areas. We will use a large assortment of tools as needed to remove water and moisture very quickly.

    Carsons Restoration will lift carpet as necessary and create channels in walls, floors, behind cabinets, in ceilings as necessary for our blowers and other drying equipment to remove all moisture. This process will greatly reduce the possibility of mold becoming a problem in affected areas.

    Water Extraction Equipment Used:

    • Hygrometers, Protimeters, & other Meters / Moisture Detection Equipment:

      Used to measure the extent of moisture saturation. Necessary repairs will begin when the area is determined to be free of excess moisture.

    • Industry-grade Dehumidifiers:

      Reduce humidity levels, producing dry air and minimizing secondary water damage to contents and materials.

    • High-speed Air Movers, Blowers, & Drying Panels:

      Creates airflow across walls, carpets, pads, and furniture, evaporating moisture.

    • Truck & Trailer Mounted Desiccant Dehumidifiers:

      These are made to dry up to 70,000 Sq. Ft. of space at a time.

    • Specialized Drying Equipment Monitors:

      Controls temperature & humidity, to prevent swelling and warping of floors, walls, & furniture.

    • HEPA Vacuums & HVAC Cleaning Equipment:

      Used as necessary to remove airborn contaminants.

    Follow-up Inspections:

    When equipment is left at the work site for extended periods of time, we will monitor the results with specialized equipment until we achieve the desired results.

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  5. Step 5: Reconstruction

    Touch Up Services:

    If their was not any major structural damage to the area, Carsons Restoration will touch up any paint and other finishes to restore the area to its former state. If the area suffered severe damage and reconstruction efforts are required, please see below for a quick overview of our Reconstruction Services.

    Complete Reconstruction Services:

    If the affected property requires partial or complete rebuilding or repair, Carsons Restoration offers heavy restoration services as well. We will work to fully restore the area to its former condition or even to improve and remodel the area to the owner's specifications to give the area a new look all together.

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  6. Step 6: Clean up & Sanitation:

    Once the primary Damage Restoration & Reconstruction services are completed, we will begin work to restore it to the condition prior to the problem. We will begin final clean up, removing all of our equipment, remaining debris, dirt & grime from the area. All visible water damaged structural elements will be sanded down to "no stain".

    Property Restoration Services:

    Property that was moved off site for restoration will be unpacked and returned to their original locations.

    Carpet & Floor Cleaning / Restoration:

    We will also work to restore all flooring & Carpet to a like new state.

    HVAC Sanitation & Restoration:

    Carsons Restoration will apply various air filtration techniques and cleaning measures to prevent mold & odor problems. All crawl spaces and HVAC systems receive HEPA Vacuum treatment that will remove any latent particles as small as .3 microns with 99.7% efficiency.

    If the HVAC System was damaged beyond repair, Carsons Restoration will work with the customer to purchase and install a replacement.

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  7. Step 7: Prevention:

    Once the restoration work is completed, Carsons will work with property owners to help them prevent Mold Contamination from occurring in the future.

    Mold problems are usually associated with water and moisture, and during the Assessment phase of our Water Damage Restoration process we go to great lengths to locate and identify all sources of unwanted moisture in the affected area.

    With our help, your property will be restored to its previous condition and we will take the steps necessary to prevent problems with odors and mold in the future.

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